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The Christian Mentor
September 2011 - Positive Choice
August 2011 - Fable
November 2009 - Work
June 2009 - Spiritual Journey
January 2009 - Leadership
August 2008 - Positive Attitude
April 2008 - Youth And Their Faith
December 2007 - Rhythms of Life
August 2007 - The Perfect Mentor

Faith Mentor
March 2010 - Integrity

Other Sources

Reflections For 2012       

Trading For Marbles       

Strength In Character       

Social Innovation Within Churches       

But Reduction Prayer       

The Knots Prayer       

The Greatest of God's Gifts       

Personal Testimony and Commitment
To Faith Through Baptism

Faith At Work       

Patience Is More Than A Virtue       

I Don't Want To Be Healed       

Dromedary Camel And A Creator/Designer       

The Bible According To Kids       

Smile and Thank God       

God Bless You       

Activity For Youth - Life Challenges       

The Practice of Worship Teams - Little Things Make A Big Difference       

Annotated Bibliography - Christian Readings

Mentor Link - Christian Support Network

Is Jesus God?
Scholars examine the facts about Jesus' claims to be God.

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